What Kind of System Do I Have?

Stoves, fireplace, inserts, prefab, factory built, masonry, chimney, flue, gas logs.  WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?  

We're here to help.  Ultimately the easiest thing to do is have us come out to inspect your system to see exactly what you're working with but hopefully this will at least scratch the surface.


A fireplace is broken into two separate categories, masonry and "factory built" or "prefab".  A masonry fireplace can sometimes be hard to distinguish from that of a prefab but ultimately it is constructed of nothing but masonry and/or steel.  A prefab or factory built is a metal box that was built off site and installed in the home where it was framed with wood and then finished with a variety of material whether it be natural or cultured stone, marble, tile etc.  All of these units can burn wood or be outfitted with gas logs.  It is very important though, that once the fireplace's fuel type is switched, a level 2 inspection is performed as well as a sweep.




An Insert is designed to be installed inside of a masonry fireplace.  These inserts can either be wood or gas and should have doors/glass windows and screens and an optional blower.  Typically, and if done properly, inserts should have a flue connected to them which runs the length of the chimney and terminates on the roof.  Fireboxes can be built in a multitude of sizes, therefore inserts also come in different sizes however, they are not designed to fit the firebox snug.  They are meant to fit the space as best as possible but then be trimmed out with a variety of different aesthetic faceplate or trim pieces.  Inserts offer a better heat output compared to a traditionl open fireplace while still offering a nice view of the flames.

Wood Burning Insert

Gas Insert

Freestanding Stoves

Stoves are typically freestanding units with a multitude of aesthetics, sizes shapes and colors. Stoves can either be wood or gas and have vent pipes that exit through the top or rear of the stove depending on your installation  requirements.  Stoves are a great addition to homes that do not currently have a fireplace as they offer a bit more flexibility on where they can be placed.  

Wood Stove

Gas Stove