Chimney Caps and Water Treatment

Does your fireplace smell?  When it rains outside does it drip down the inside of the firebox? Does your roof leak?  Do you have crumbing stones, brick or mortar landing on your roof or surrounding area?  Once again folks, we get it.  You're not alone.  We've seen it all and fixed it before.

Our water treatment plan is a 6 step process that when done fully will guarantee that water will no longer have an avenue to enter your system and will leave your chimney with a renewed water repellent seal for years to come.

Chimney Caps

Our caps are made from stainless steel, can be powder coated a variety of colors and carry a lifetime warranty.  They have an extended drip edge that allows water to run off the lid onto the roof rather than running down the chimney walls as well as cover the first layer of brick which often times is left unprotected to act like a sponge.  All of our caps have spark arrestor screens on all four sides to ensure sparks don't get out and critters, rain and natural debris don't get in.

Flat Lid

Hip Lid

Hip and Ridge Lid

Hip and Ridge Lid with Standing Seams

Water Treatment

We are proud to be an official contractor with ChimneySaver and offer their exclusive line up of water proofing products to ensure your chimney is protected and maintains its structural integrity as well as looking as natural and pristine as the day it was built.