Sweeps & Inspections

Been a while since you've used your system? Been a while since you've cleaned your system?  We get it!  Before you cuddle up in front of your fireplace with a good book and a hot drink this winter season, call us to set up a sweep and inspection and give yourself some peace of mind knowing your system is functioning as it should and can give you the warm and fuzzies both inside and out that you deserve.

A typical question that we get asked is “I just want my chimney cleaned, can't you JUST clean it?”  We’d love to say yes, however, in today's world things just aren't that easy anymore.  When it comes to having a fire in your home there shouldn't be any cutting corners.  When we come out to do a sweep we are first inspecting that the system is up to code and operating as intended.  By turning a blind eye to any defects would not be doing our due diligence nor setting you, the homeowner, up for success.  That's not the business we are in.  We are a service business that believes and intends on SERVING our customers whether it's good news or bad.

Overfired Flue Liner

Leaking Flashing Inside the Attic

Cracked Flue Tile

Deteriorated Crown

What to Expect From Flue Fighters During...

Flue Fighters will:

What to Expect From Flue Fighters After...

We are proud to use the leading inspection software in the industry.  With Chimspect, both the inspector and homeowner can feel comfortable that nothing is being missed.  Reports are clean, organized and complete with pictures.